Sunflower - Symbol of Spirituality

Contact Information

Board of Directors

President Barbra
First Vice President Stan Bloomfield
Secretary Jym Varnadore
Treasurer Rev. Kimberly Hicks
Trustee Craig Hendricks

Tammy Thompson-Gunning

Trustee David Falkner
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Pastors and Ministers

Pastor Emiritus: Reverend Millie Landis

Pastor: vacant

Active Ministers:

Reverend Patty Walsh
Reverend Kimberly Hicks
Reverend Penelope Quirk
Reverend Jeff McComas
Reverend Helene Kelberg
Reverend Connie Ferris
Reverend Lindy Engstrom

Associate Ministers:

Lori LaPerle

Choir Director:   Barbara Shafer

Assistant Choir Director: n/a
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