Healer Schedule

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To receive a PDF of fellow Healers contact info, e-mail Michael at mrphixer@fscci.org

Archive of Previous Healers Scheduled. Click here.

Required Healers Documents:
FSC Healers' Agreement Download
Forum Healers' Agreement Download
Lead Healers' Agreement Download

Please Note: If you are unable to heal on your scheduled date, please assume the responsibility of coordinating with another healer to obtain a replacement. Request that contact information from the e-mail link above.

Patricia Raczka is the current contact person creating the schedule. She can be reached at the new special and more permanent e-mail address at healingschedule@fraternalspiritualistchurch.org . It is important to let her know if your status or email/contact information changes.

July 3, 2016 Laura Elena Ortiz

David Bali
Lindy Engstrom
Angela Vilella
Charlie D'Agosta

July 10, 2016 Barbara Shafer Gloria Gray
Pat Harrison
Diahna Leone
July 17, 2016 Jym Varnadore Renee Varnadore
Marisa Kressler
Patricia Raczka
July 24, 2016 Charlie D'Agosta Teri Brown
Spencer Weisenberg
Larry Marsden
July 31, 2016 Craig Hendricks Angela Vilella
David Bali
Patricia Raczka
August 7, 2016 Tammy Thompson

Gloria Gray
Teri Brown
Pat Harrison

August 14, 2016 Renee Varnadore Jym Varnadore
Dianha Leone
Connie Marriott
Lindy Engstrom
August 21, 2016 Lori LaPerle Marisa Kressler
Spencer Weisenberg
Larry Marsden
August 28, 2016 A.M. Penelope Quirk Joanne Britton
Connie Marriott
Barbra Oborski

Thank You all For Your Continued Service to this Church in the Area of Healing!

NOTE: At any time you attend church and see that we need another healer please speak with the Lead Healer and offer to be a participant in the healing service.

"Bless our Church and the Workers Who Continue to Make it a Healing Place."

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