Energy Auras

Have you ever wondered about Energy Auras?

Is there a way to improve our Energy Auras?

Come join Craig Hendricks and Mary Magdalene’s Energy Healing Team to learn about his journey of discovery that not only increased his Energy Aura; but also, increased his connection to Spirit and resulted in finding the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE we all deserve as God’s perfect Children.

Classes are on Saturday at 9:00 AM via ZOOM

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Meeting ID: 835 532 3858
Passcode: MaryM

The above images are of Craig Hendricks, a Spiritualist Healer and Biofield Researcher, who has studied his own Energy Aura development since 2019. Over an eighteen-month period, he dramatically improved his Energy Aura presentation. He currently teaches others to increase their Energy Aura and Energy Healing abilities which are gifts we ALL have access to. In the process, his students also discovered dramatic improvements in personal manifestation and connection to Spirit resulting from the techniques that are used in Energy Aura development. Craig Hendricks work has also been featured by Resolutions Imaging, United Kingdom. 

Are you interested in being of service to your local community as well as powerfully enriching your own life being a Mary Magdalene Energy Healer? Contact Craig Hendricks at or phone/text 1-619-709-1980

All Faiths are welcome!