Connie Ferris

Rev. Connie explored many different religions and spiritual beliefs until discovering Spiritualism in the early 1980s. She studied with many local Spiritualist teachers until 1987 when she met Rev. Millie Landis. Connie immediately began Rev. Millie’s classes and remained in class for over 11 years. In the early years, she was a fixture at Wednesday Forum then continued with healing, speaking and message-bearing at Sunday services. Connie was ordained in Jan 2006. She served as Co-Chair of the FSC Healing Program for 10 years. She currently teaches Intermediate Spiritual Growth and Advanced Spiritual Growth classes. Connie has a diverse career background, including conflict resolution/mediations and creating/presenting training.

Connie welcomes private readings at her home in Clairemont. She officiates Weddings, Vow-Renewals, Funerals and Celebrations of Life, each tailor-designed to the individuals’ wishes and preferences.