Fraternal Spiritualist Church was founded in 1932 by Dr. H. Robert Moore. Dr. Moore was an ordained Spiritualist minister and one of the foremost mediums of his day. He traveled around the world giving demonstrations of his extraordinary mediumship.

His gifts were tested and authenticated by various psychic investigators including the British Society for Psychical Research in London, England. From its inception, this Church has been dedicated to the promotion of physical, moral and intellectual development, to the diffusion of the religion of Spiritualism by public discourse, classes and to the demonstration and investigation of psychic phenomena in all of its phases.

From the beginning, this Church has provided its members with spiritual guidance, education and social fellowship. The Church emphasizes spiritual development first and psychic development thereafter. Of all of the spiritual gifts, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, trance, materialization, apport, and others, we consider healing to be the greatest gift. We believe that through service as a healer, we channel God’s healing love to others as well as to ourselves.

Service to others is an integral part of developing the strong spiritual foundation necessary so that the spiritual gifts are used wisely and in the service of God.