2024 FSC Healing Program

Would you like to learn about Energy Healing?

Would you like to be an FSC Sunday Healer?

Join us for 1 or 2 or all classes! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Classes alternate on Sundays and Wednesdays, so please review the schedule carefully.

Every class has practicum.

August 21, 2024 – October 9, 20024

Wednesdayโ€™s 6:00-8:00 pm & Sundayโ€™s 1:00 โ€“ 3:00 pm  

Suggested donation is $15.00 per class

Class 1 โ€“ Wed, Aug 21st   6-8pm                INTRODUCTION & QUALITIES OF A HEALER

Healing Chairperson Jym Varnadore will introduce healing & the FSC program. We will cover the qualities of a Healer as defined by the FSC by-laws.  

Class 2 โ€“ Sun, Aug 25th  1-3pm               OPENING/CLOSING PRAYERS & HEALING GUIDES

Renee Varnadore will discuss our Healing Guides as well as Healing Prayers. Students will develop their personalized Opening & Closing Prayers.

Class 3 โ€“ Wed, Aug 28th  6-8pm             SPIRITUAL HEALING & THE LAW

Barbra will present information regarding spiritual healing for Spiritualist Churches & the laws that govern them.

Class 4 โ€“ Wed, Sept 4th  6-8pm              PHILOSOPHY & PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUAL HEALING

Jym Varnadore will give background on Spiritualist Healing practices.

Class 5 โ€“ Sun, Sept 8th  1-3pm             GROUNDING TECHNIQUES

Rev. Lori LaPerle will discuss how to ground & protect your energy while working healing.

Class 6 โ€“ Wed, Sept 11th  6-8pm            DISTANCE HEALING

Guest Rev. Felice Izzarelli will discuss the practice of sending vibrational energy across any location to promote the recipient’s well-being. 

Class 7 โ€“ Sun, Sept 15th 1-3pm             RELEASING ENERGETIC CORDS 

Rev. Lori LaPerle will discuss Energetic Cords, when to cut cords, & how to release what does not serve you while in the healing circle.

Class 8 โ€“ Sun, Sept 22nd   1-3pm            GROUP HEALING

Guest Rev. Felice Izzarelli will expand the students’ understanding of Group Healing & how it enhances health.

Class 9 โ€“ Wed, Sept 25th 6-8pm           CHAKRAS & HEALING 

Renee Varnadore will identify the 7 main Chakras & the 7 layers of the Auric Field working to help flow with intuitive information for the highest good.

Class 10 โ€“ Sun, Sept 29th 1-3pm           FEEL THE ENERGY

Rev. Penelope Quirk will help the students to Feel the Energy while working healing.

Class 11 โ€“ Wed, Oct 2nd 6-8pm            FSC HEALING MEDITATION GUIDELINES

Barbra will discuss the FSC guidelines as they relate to Sunday Service Healing Meditations as well as Healing Leads.  

Class 12 โ€“ Sun, Oct 9th 6-8pm             REVIEW & PRACTICUM

Jym Varnadore will review the healing classes, the healing mediation the student created in Class 11 & extensive Practicum.  No NEW students in this class.

Note there is NO class on the following dates:

Sun, Sept. 1st in honor of the Labor Day Weekend

Wed, Sept. 18th for the Autumn Equinox Sound Healing Event

Sun, Oct. 6th for the Blessing of the Animals Event

All are welcome to attend the healing classes. There is PRACTICUM in every class.  

You must attend all classes in order to receive a Certificate of Class Completion. If you miss one class you can attend the Make-Up class (date TBD) and still qualify for the Certificate.

To proceed to be an FSC Sunday Healer, you must 1) be a Church Member, 2) have completed all 12 healing classes, and 3) be approved by the FSC Healing Chairperson and the FSC Board of Directors.  

If you want to be a Sunday Healer and canโ€™t attend all the classes this year, or if you attended 6 or more in the 2023 healing class series, please see the Healing Chairperson, Jym Varnadore, about classes you are required to attend THIS year.

 If you have any specific class related questions please contact the class instructor:

Classes 1, 4 & 12: Jym@fscci.org

Classes 2 & 9: Renee@fscci.org

Classes 3 & 11: Barbra@fscci.org

Classes 5 & 7: Lori@fscci.org

Classes 6 & 8: FeliceIzzarelli@gmail.com

Class 10: Quirko@me.com