Awakening Your Energy Body

  • Removing Stuck Energy in your Auric Field
  • Clearing Your Identity
  • Grounding Earth & Cosmic energy
  • Sensing Energy Fields
  • Recognizing Different Energies
  • Freeing Bound up Energy in Chakras
  • Observing Energetic Cords


The classes are experiential and you will be doing lots of work energetically to awaken yourself to the energy body and all the insight it holds.  We will be drawing your connection to your guides closer through this work. Meditation as time permits. There are 2 other 6 week classes that build upon this one.

Rev. Donna Lopez is facilitating this 6 week class.

DATES: 3/24/22 – 4/28/22

TIME: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

COST: $25 per class or $130 prepay

Payable to via paypal, check, or cash. PLEASE RSVP BY 3/23/22