Face to Face: Introduction to Face Reading

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the face is the map which decodes the mind, body, & soul’s silent language. We’ve all experienced this in some way or another – non-verbal changes with others passing by, tired eyes exhibiting a sleepless night, and the basic idea of body language. We all know that the face is a basic mirror to the outer world which showcases our inner realm. Though this sounds all very esoteric and mystical, the basic underlying truth is that our exterior bodily appearance is connected to our internal body.

This four-week class series is designed to help decode the face and discover how certain features can give us an understanding of past, present, and future; how it can not only be a reflection of our health, but also a map to our strengths and our goals.

This incredible class was created by Melissa Nolan L.Ac. a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Southern California. Melissa empowers her patients through education and coaching with a strong basis in the traditional healing practices. Melissa has also worked assisting instructors of a local college of acupuncture since 2019. Melissa’s passion for balancing Mind, Body, & Spirit shines through to her patients and students.

Melissa will guide & direct students to:

  • Understand how Face Reading is one of the 5 Arts of Traditional Medicine.
  • Bring to light the importune of vital energy (qi), and how it relates to the physical, mental, & spiritual as manifested in the face.
  • Learn the Three Divisions of the face.
  • Recognize the Major Features of the face.
  • Discover the Eleven Parts of the face.
  • Uncover the distinctive lines and marking on the face.
  • Appreciate the fun as you gain practical knowledge how to read the face.
  • and so much more!

Four Weeks:

July 10th – July 31st, 2024

Wednesday Evenings:

7 pm to 9 pm


per class, payable to the instructor

Location: Fraternal Spiritualist Church, 4720 Kensington Drive, San Diego, CA 92116

Make sure not to miss this rare opportunity to learn about the traditional art of medicine known as Face Reading!

contact Melissa with any questions at PeacefulWarriorACU@gmail.com