Spiritualism is a system of belief or religious practice based on communication with the spirits of the dead, especially through mediums. The two beliefs: that contact with spirits is possible, and that spirits are more advanced than humans, leads Spiritualists to a third belief, that spirits are capable of providing useful knowledge about moral and ethical issues, as well as about the nature of God.

Modern Spiritualism first appeared in the 1840s and some well known Spiritualists are; Arthur Doyle, Fox Sisters, Swedenborg, and more.

Although various Spiritualist traditions have their own beliefs, known as Principles, there are some shared concepts: 

  • A belief in spirit communication
  • A belief that the soul continues to exist after the death of the physical body
  • Personal responsibility for life circumstances
  • Even after death it is possible for the soul to learn and improve
  • A belief in a God, often referred to as “Infinite Intelligence”
  • The natural world considered as an expression of said intelligence

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