Declaration of Principles

  1. We believe in God as the first great cause, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent intelligence.
  2. We believe that the religion of spiritualism has been established in the world to promote physical, moral, spiritual, and intellectual development of mankind.
  3. That man can glean truth from all religions, philosophies, and science.
  4. We believe man never dies, that so-called death is but a chemical change, separating Him from His outer or physical body.
  5. We believe that through the understanding of psychic laws and principles of nature, man in life beyond death, can and does commune with mortals, thereby establishing the truth of life immortal.
  6. We believe in the endless progression of the human soul, and that illumination and progress result from the out-working of the Christ spirit within us, guided and directed by the cooperation with our own efforts of wise and loving unseen intelligences, and made manifest in the divine principles of unselfish love, rather than by blind faith of whatsoever nature.
  7. We believe in the golden rule, “Whatsoever Ye Would That Others Should Do Unto You, Do Ye Even So Unto Them.”