Align with the Energy of Money

Money is energy and a glorious being of light.  Using it helps us align to our higher self, allowing all its flexibility to flow. This class will help you begin to align yourself to the higher vibration. The Energy of Money lives within its own dimension and is abundant and waiting for us to tap into it.  Let us work together and evolve our relationship with money.

What this class will cover over 4 weeks:

  • Aligning your Value in Correlation to Money
  • Learn about blockages to Money
  • How to ask for Money
  • How to Enjoy the Energy of Money

When: Tuesdays, May 23 thru June 13, 2023 @6:30 – 8:30 pm

Facilitator: Pastor Kimberly 619-736-7868

This will be a in person and Zoom Event. Click here to register for Zoom access

Children 12 and older are welcome as well, with a parent present and are free.

The cost is a Tiered Pricing structure based on your budget and class value.  The levels are:

  • Tier Level 1:  $144 for series $36 per class (this level helps you help others)
  • Tier Level 2: $111 for series $27.75 per class
  • Tier Level 3: $88 for series $22 per class
  • Tier Level 4: Speak to Pastor Kimberly about your budget