Spiritual Development: Transfiguration Course

This 8 week course is lead by Rev. Felice Izzarelli.  The course will consist of:

  • Learning the Importance of opening and closing prayers
  • Meditation practices and instruction
  • Learning about ectoplasm
  • Learning about the Kundalini
  • Learning to feel shifts in energy
  • Learning how to meet your teachers and guides and learn their names

The first and last class an Aura picture will be taken so you can see what your energy was at the start and end of the course.  Rev. Felice will do a detailed report at the end for each student.  A cabinet with a red light will be set up to experience Transfiguration.  This is a safe environment where each student will have the opportunity to experience the cabinet.  It will help you learn what your energy and spirits energy feels like, and your teachers/guides energy helping you with your Ectoplasm.

SPACE IS LIMITED TO 20 students 

RSVP to Rev. Felice Izzarelli @  FeliceIzzarelli@gmail.com or 760-580-9459

  • Thursday Nights
  • 3/9/23 – 4/27/23 On March 9, Please arrive by 6:45 pm
  • 7:00-9:30 pm
  • $40 per class (cash only)